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Classes TakenAnnual TuitionFull Payment Option (Save 10%)Half Session Payments10-month Payment Plan
One Class per week$600$540 per year$300 per session (x2)$60 per month
Two Classes$1,050$945$525$105 per month
Three Classes$1,500$1,350$750$150 per month
Four Classes$1,850$1,665$925$185 per month
Five Classes$2,500$2,250$1,250$250 per month
Six to Ten Classes$2,750$2,475$1,375$275 per month


*Cost per student is based on a 10-month session.



Registration Fee

There is an annual registration fee of $35 per student (or $50 per family) that is due with the first tuition payment. Registering online and paying your registration fee and your tuition will help to secure your place in your desired classes.



Payment Options & Discounts

Full Payment
Save 10% on tuition by paying for the dance year in one payment. Registration fee and full session tuition will be due at the time of registration.

Half Session Payments
Two payments are made per session. Registration fee and one half (1/2) of the session’s tuition is due at the time of registration. Remaining payment is due on the 1st of February. Delinquent accounts will be assessed a $10 fee on the 6th of the month. We require a credit card to be on file.

10-month Payment Plan
Tuition must be paid on or before the 1st each month. We require a credit card to be on file. For your convenience, you can choose auto pay to have your credit card charged on the 1st of each month (your card will not be charged unless you authorize auto pay on the registration forms). Delinquent accounts will be assessed a $10 fee on the 6th of the month. All accounts must be paid in full by the end of April, or before recital costumes are picked-up.

Family Discounts
The second and each additional student from the same family will receive a 10% tuition discount—excluding full tuition payment.

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Studio Policies



Students are expected to attend every class. Progress in class depends upon regular and consistent participation. Classes will begin and end promptly at the scheduled time. Be dressed and ready for class before the scheduled start. If other classes are in progress, do not distract the students, and observe quietly. Students should arrive no more than 15 minutes before class and should remain no more than 15 minutes after class.


Talk to your instructor about progression and development in class. Please make an appointment with the instructor to set up a conference if necessary.



Drop Off/Pick Up

It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to accompany students to and from the studio. Footworks Dance Studio does not assume responsibility for students arriving early and those who do not enter the studio. Nor does it accept responsibility for students who leave the studio after class when no one is waiting for them. Please wait until class has begun and be available to meet your student when class ends. To ensure safety, students should remain inside the building until a parent or guardian arrives.


Please notify the studio of any changes in transportation arrangements. Whenever a student is going to be picked up by someone other than specified on the registration form, please inform a staff member. If a student has been given permission to bring themselves to class, please indicate that on the registration form.


Tuition Policies

Registration fees and tuition are non-refundable. Once you have selected your payment plan for the season, it cannot be altered. These plans are in place to provide you with a convenient method of paying tuition and you are obligated for the entire session’s fees. No invoices are sent. Delinquent accounts result in instruction suspension. Our returned check fee is $30.


Footworks requires a credit card to be on file. A 30-day written notice is required when dropping a class, and a $25 drop fee will be assessed. If you choose to add classes after your original registration, the class rate will be charged for the additional class only.



Studio Closures and Absences

If Orange County Public Schools are closed due to bad weather, Footworks Dance Studio will also be closed. In the event of severe weather conditions, dance classes will likely be canceled; these classes will not be made up. The Studio's voicemail (407) 877-2260 will have detailed information on these closures, as well as any changes that may occur. An email will also be sent out and the information will be posted on the website.


If a student misses a class, he/she is entitled to a make-up class designated by the instructor. This make-up class must be taken within 1 month of the absence. Contact Footworks to schedule your make-up class. (All classes must be paid for even if the class is not made up.)



Dress Code Policies

All students must wear required dance attire to class as listed in the class descriptions. Required attire for all males in classes include black tap and ballet, and tan jazz shoes, black shorts, and white t-shirt. Required attire can be purchased at our online Dancewear Shop for your convenience. Baggy shirts, jeans, midriffs, and school or play clothes and street shoes are not allowed in class.


All students’ hair must be pulled off the face. Limited or no jewelry should be worn.



Additional Class Policies

Students may not eat in classrooms.

Smoking and gum chewing are not permitted at​ Footworks Dance Studio.

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